High School And Military Administrative School Essay

830 Words May 10th, 2015 4 Pages
When starting Writing 101 around 8 weeks ago, I came in with very little knowledge. The knowledge I did come in with was mainly from high school and Military administrative school. In high school you learn the basics of writing whereas in the Military administrative school you learn a different type of format altogether. I graduated high school in 2011 so I never really had to use APA or even basic writing format after my senior paper. In the Military, administrative school taught me the basics in Military writing, Navel Format, Standard Business Letter, and writing Orders. It is those military writing skills and knowledge that I use on a daily basis. Coming into Writing 101 I expected to relearn much of what I learned in high school but I was surprised by how much new information and tools that I discovered that truly benefitted me. In particular during Writing 101 I learned how to properly use resources to write a paper, the significance of properly formatting a paper and finally how appropriately closing and revising a paper allows the writer to ensure the paper meets the authors intent. Writing 101 had various resourceful types of learning environments, Writing for Success, ComFit, UMUC Library, discussions, and the internet. Writing for Success had numerous exercises at the end of each chapter, helping students refresh their memories or to relearn writing tid bits in of itself. ComFit was another online learning tool that was great for practicing various…

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