Essay about High School And Middle School Level Of Coaching

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Coaching is a very common thing that lots of people want to do. The occupation is mainly built around experience the more experience an individual has the more opportunity an individual will have. The three main levels of basketball coaching are high school, college and NBA these three levels are similar but have some differences. I will go into details about each of these levels and give general information of them. The high school/middle school level of coaching is the first step of achieving the other two steps of coaching. The high school/middle school level of basketball coaching requires for an individual to be an accredited teacher (livestrong). Each state has its own requirements but most states follow pretty much the same qualifications. This involves receiving a bachelor’s degree usually in the field of teaching. This also requires background checks and licensing exams specific states may require a coaching certification (livestrong). Each state and districts are different but some may require that an individual has a CPR license, first aid certification and basketball specific coaching classes (livestrong). According to the average salary of a basketball coach which is expected to rise in future years is between eight hundred and three thousand dollars adding on to whatever they make with their teaching job. High school coach’s hours are not set in stone they have to fit in hours with other sports teams in that season on top of…

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