High School And High Schools Essay

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The high school I attended was called Eastern Hills High School and was located in Fort Worth Texas. The area primarily contained students of middle and lower class. As far as race, about eighty percent of students were African American, ten percent were Hispanic, five percent were white, and the other five percent consisted of mixed races. Administration at my high school primarily consisted of women as they represented eighty percent of the staff. However, from high school, I also saw that the higher occupations were held by men. For example, all of those who worked in high offices such as the principal and vice-principal were men, while women occupied jobs such as teachers and counselors. This was consistent with what I experienced in primary education, so this was not questioned.
Overall, I believe my experience though high school overall was a general pattern for high schools in Fort Worth. Although small values were different for my high school, most of the values were consistent with each school. One primary difference, between my high school and others may have been that there was gender segregation displayed. Gender segregation is something you expect in elementary and middle school as dances, lines for lunch, and even selected classes were segregated. However, this is not something widely experienced in high school. And although gender segregation was not always displayed, for testing days, this was a different story. For my senior year of high school, when younger…

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