Essay about High School And Entering College

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Graduating high school and entering college is a monumental step coming from a family where no one has ever been to college. Financial aid was one of the assets I would use to help pay for my first semester of college. It seemed like an easy process until I actually went through it. Getting the runaround from a financial aid office advisors, almost getting dropped from all my classes, and holds were put on my account. It was really a bunch of bullshit and I almost said fuck school. The financial aid office at UWG had not processed my loans do to FASFA for not providing them with the right information. It took nearly three weeks for my loans to process and another two weeks for them to deposit it into my account. I began to fall behind in my classes because I did not have the proper tools to use for class. When I returned to my room I began to break things. My roommate came in the room and began to question me about why I was so mad. I didn 't want to talk so I just stormed out of the room and went on a walk. In the article: “ The College Dropout Boom” David Leonhardt gives a different perspective on college students leaving school. Leonhardt renames dropouts as nongraduates giving a neutral look on college students dropping out. In this article he gives various financial and social reasons on why students may leave school. He focus mainly on the financial struggles that college students have. These are struggles that students do not have control over but may suffer the…

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