Essay on High School And College Experiences

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High School and college experiences are very different with pros and cons. The high school seniors that are graduating and going to college have a new experience ahead. They are going to face new professors, block schedules, and other changes. The college experience is superior to the high school experience based on class options, the living situations and, professor teaching styles.
One way that the college experience surpasses the high school experience is that students have more class options. In high school, students have set mandate classes that each student must take in order to graduate. For example, high school students are required to take a physical education class such as Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) or to take a minimum of four English classes. Whereas college students have the option to take control of their courses, allowing them to major in a certain area. This also allows college students to take other classes that they actually have an interest in such as a TV Production course. A sophomore at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Hannah Davis, says that students get more excited about class because passionate about what they’re learning. Furthermore, high schools don’t offer as many classes due to insufficient funds, so art classes such as 3D art are cut from the curriculum. On the other hand, colleges offer more of a variation of classes since, students pay for their own classes. For instance, St. Petersburg College, a…

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