High Rates Of Arrest And Incarceration For People Of Color Such As African And Mexican Americans

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What comes to your mind when you read or hear “r-K Theory”….are you as puzzled as I was when I first read it? The article assigned, Cross-National Variation in Violent Crime Rates: Race, r-K Theory, and Income, clarified my confused thoughts about the theory overall. A proposal was presented by J.P. Rushton that demographic, environmental, and population variables correlate to racial differences. According to the article, the r-K theory defines a genetically correlated cluster of characteristics, “that evolved together to meet the trails of life: survival, growth, and reproduction” (Rushton & Whitney, 2002, pg. 502). The purpose of this paper is to define what r-K theory is and how it is a significant attribute to the high rates of arrest and incarceration for people of color such as African and Mexican Americans. First, I will explain the “r” portion of the r-K theory. Some characteristics of the r-strategies are families with high fertility, low-investment parenting, fast maturation, and low intelligence with low or no learning abilities (2002, pg. 502). An example would be a child being forced to grow and mature faster than a “K” child because their parents were not around to raise them. These children would fall back in school and would chose not to continue their education leaving them with a low IQ level and would introduce criminal behavior. “r” individuals are known as negroids, which means they devote the resources they have to producing a greater number of…

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