High Public Places For The United States Essay

1098 Words Dec 5th, 2015 null Page
In colleges over the United States, students are not able to fulfill their educational dreams. In the United States, tuition costs, for colleges, are pretty expensive. Even going to a public small college is costly enough for a student. Most students are not able to afford the tuition because they do not have a job to get the money from. In order to pay it the tuition, they have to make sacrifices. Sacrifices like not being able to live in a house or apartment, making them homeless. Housing just adds up to their costs for college and pushes the students into money debt. Colleges need to be able to provide help to those students in money debt issues.
Students are failing classes because of money debt. They don’t have a place to study privately and have to study at noisy public places. They are not able to sleep anywhere privately. They are only able to sleep at a public place for a few hours and then they have to abandon it, due to someone kicking them out. They aren’t able to take showers, change clothes, unless they sneakily find something to temporarily do that. As a result, students are dropping out of college. They can’t manage the costs of school and they can’t manage retaking classes because they simply will not have anywhere to study. Not every student has a job in a situation like this. If they can’t leave their belongings somewhere and have to worry about that, their college books, and papers, finding storage would be their first priority. They are the ones that…

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