Essay about High Powered Rifles Should Not Be Used For Hunting

2439 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
High powered rifles should not be used for hunting. There are many different reasons why they should not be used for hunting. Hunters could use so many others guns than the high powered rifles that they are wanting to use. High powered rifles are not good for hunting animals, and there are many different reasons for that also. High powered rifles are dangerous for hunting animals, since most people are unaware of the high velocity of the bullet.
Some other guns is a 410 , a 410 does not shoot much farther than 50 yards. They are mostly used for kids just starting out hunting. A 410 is a lot like a shotgun, and there are even 410’s that hold 4-5 shots. When the hunter are using a 410 it does not have as much percussion as any other guns.
Other bad things that are not good for hunting with high powered rifles are level grounds. If the hunter is shooting on level ground then the bullet will travel as far as it wants then it will die out. The hunter needs to be around some not level land so when the bullet hits a hill or something it will die off a lot quicker than it traveling as far as it wants. The bullet can hit anything,and do destruction to anythings.
A lot of people try to just stick with bow hunting. They say it is harder, and safer to bow hunt than using a gun. Which i would have to agree with a bow the hunter do not have to worry about the hunter 's arrow going as far as the hunter 's bullet. Also the bow can not just accidentally go off like a high powered rifle…

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