High Performance Team Development Case Study

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Role Model and Team Leadership
One of the most important aspects of team excellence is its leader ship style and the way the team is being handled from the top. Research has proven that the high performance teams have an effective leader ship which separates them from an ordinary performing team. It is said that the leader has to play the role model and display the similar characteristics that he wants to be built in his team.

Manager’s Action Point (Behave as a role model for the rest of the team and walk the talk)
Business Strategy and organizations
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I was really amazed by the analogy presented by Pamela R Jhohanso, Virginaia L in their article “The wolf pack, Team dynamics for 21 century” where they have described and compared the characteristics of a wolf pack and high performance teams. The analogies regarding lean structure, internal communication, high performance, target orientation and goal oriented performance are very clearly discussed and presented beautifully (P Castka & et al, ‘The wolf Pack, Team dynamics for 21 century’, Journal of Workplace Learning: Employee Counseling Today
Volume 12 . Number 4 . 2000 . pp. 159-164).

In the last section we touched on the fundamental concept of internal communication and its role in creating a successful environment where workers have a clarity of goal, values, principle and procedures and thus they achieve the over all organizations goals by this healthy environment. Examples of these kinds of organizations and work environment are common like “Hewllet Packard” “the HP way” or Toyota etc.

In the end I would like to generalize here that we touched various aspects of organization working, employee behavior and perception and management’s role. We see that

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