High Performance Computing ( Hpc ) Essay

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High Performance Computing High Performance Computing (HPC) is a term that has emerged in today’s world to replace the yesteryears’ custom of supercomputer. In the previous years, supercomputer is a term that generated thoughts of extremely complicated machines that were solving problems that humans could not really understand. Since supercomputers permitted entry of at least seven figures, they were commonly used by engineers and scientists who needed to deal with such figures rapidly. However, this concept has paved way for the emergence of commodity-based supercomputing that is commonly known as High Performance Computing. The main focus of High Performance Computing (HPC) is the ability to process huge amounts of data in short periods of time. High Performance Computing (HPC) is associated with various technologies with varying software and hardware requirements for administrative and operational tasks needed to process data securely.
The Concept of High Performance Computing Eadline (2009), states that high performance computing is a term that emerged in today’s world as a substitute of the custom supercomputer of the yesteryears, which was commonly used by engineers and scientists who needed huge figures as fast as possible (p.3). High performance computing is a commodity-based supercomputing, which is now open to nearly every individual given the all-time low cost of entry. High performance computing is currently regarded as a fundamental part of business to…

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