High Levels Of Academic Expectations Essay

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A classroom where there are high levels of academic expectations for all learners will be a classroom with low level of behaviors and higher student achievement (Martella, 2015). Recent research on inclusive education reveals that students who have disabilities are receiving their education in the general education classroom more and more often with positive results. McLeskey et al.’s (2004, 2010) research, as well as the 2008 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Implementation Report (U.S. Department of Education, 2008) shows that the number of students who have disabilities and who are receiving instruction in the general education classroom is on the rise. The 2005 National Longitudinal Transition Study found that the percent of students with disabilities who were employed after high school increased in relationship to their placement in the inclusive general education classroom in contrast to receiving direct instruction in a separate special education setting (Wagner, Newman, Cameto, Garza, & Levine, 2005). Waldron, Cole, and Majd (2001), as cited by the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education’s 2010 annual report, showed that math and reading results in inclusive classrooms accomplished higher scores than students in non-inclusive classrooms among nondisabled students. This author concludes that all students will benefit from an inclusive taught environment.
Review of Research Inclusion of special education students in the general education classroom has…

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