Essay on High Dropout Rates And The High School Dropout Rate

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When finding the source of the high dropout rates in the U.S., one should realize that there are many factors to consider such as the curriculum, poverty, and race. However, it is easier to deem the student lazy and decide that time, the effort, and the resources do not need to be wasted on them.
Many students have claimed that school isn’t “interesting” enough for it to be worth their time. The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss speculates whether the Common Core standards will double the high school dropout rate. The Core are a collection of standards considered to be more rigorous than most states had before adopting them. What logic is there in making the coursework more difficult when students are already discouraged from doing the original work? Students should be challenged, but they should also have a full understanding of the basics. This brings about another issue with the implementation of the Common Core standards. It has initiatives that designed to strengthen teaching through “excellent professional development”, but that seems to be a superficial solution. Obviously, teachers should be as efficient at their jobs as possible, but teaching talent is not enough to close the student proficiency gaps. While the standards are being redrawn, now is the time to incorporate more personalized learning. It sounds impossible, especially when dealing with a larger student-to-teacher ratio, but the school system should put just as much effort into teaching each student as…

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