High Cost Of The Health Care System Essay

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“The health care system today does not provide good value, where "value" is defined as the combination of both quality and cost” (Creating a Value-Driven Healthcare System, 2011). The health care system has problems; it cannot deliver quality care at an affordable price. The cost of the health care has been rising, and that does not mean that the quality of care has been improving. The high cost of the health care is one of the main reasons for high rate of uninsured people. With the systems in place, either patient suffers or providers.
For example, HMO put a limitation on how patients will receive services; patients should go through a PCP first if they need to visit a specialist. Sometimes it takes a while for authorization to get approved when a patient needs to get a procedure done; therefore, patients will not receive the right care at the right time. On the other hand, “current payment systems often financially penalize physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers for providing better quality services, and reward them for delivering more services to more people, which in turn fuels inflation in healthcare costs. Providers frequently lose revenues and profits if they keep people healthy, reduce errors and complications, and avoid unnecessary care” (Rationale and Strategy, 2009).
In the recent years, controlling costs while delivering high-quality care has become the focus of various organizations. “One of the main ways the Affordable Care Act seeks to reduce…

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