High Christology in 1 Peter Essay

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Question 4 ‘1 Peter includes an extremely high Christology'. Discuss

1 Peter is not a treatise on the divine nature of Jesus. Its primary concern is addressing the suffering of christians in Asia Minor. Much is made of the encouragement for the reader to identify with Jesus in his suffering and exaltation. However, within this addressing of suffering, 1 Peter also includes an extremely high christology that includes Jesus in the God of Israel's unique divine identity. 1 Peter identifies Jesus with the unique divine name, has Christ speaking God's eternal word, includes Christ in God's eschatological role and assigns him divine sovereignty, with the corresponding sovereignty over God's people. 1 Peter uses passages of scripture
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The concept of pre-existence is not developed further, possibly because the writer of 1 Peter has ‘ no interest in it' 12 Of far more importance to the question of high christology is the association of Jesus with the Holy spirit in God's word. In this passage Jesus is seen not only as the object of God's proclamation (1:12), nor simply the indirect object through whom the word of God comes. In 1 Peter 1:11 Christ is shown as the divine power behind the proclamation. Through association with Jesus Christ, even the readers speech may be considered the word of God (4:10-11) ‘Reference to the Spirit further serves to show that the announcement that the events had taken place had the same divine power behind it as did the foretelling of those events, with the implication that as a result, those events not only are securely in divine hands and reflect the divine intention but also reflect the activity of the pre incarnate Christ.13
The high christology of 1 Peter presents Jesus not only as an object of God's word and action, or an

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