High And Brighter Education : College Essay

1229 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
Many people will look at college and see it as a pathway to higher and brighter education. What many people don’t understand, is how easy or hard it is to get acclimated into this new system. Some students are fortunate; they have an easy transition and have great experiences in their college career. Often this is not the case, students can have a hard time fitting in and finding positive experiences in their time college. Students have a hard time crossing the bridge into a university setting. This experience is especially hard for first generation college students, (FGCS) come from families who struggle and they are searching for a brighter future. They don’t have many experiences with the four types of capital and it governs their acclimation to college life. The lack of economic, academic, social, and cultural capital, can be a very challenging experience for a FGCS. First generation college students usually come from a humble socioeconomic status (SES). Meaning their family is still rooted in the working class and in many instances money is an issue. Humble SES also deal with the issue of being an academic outsider. Due to the fact of the lack of economic capital growing up, it would also be a struggle to gain academic capital. Students wouldn’t have the opportunity to spend money on things like school supplies and books. They would gave chores around the house or must help provide for their families. Students with a humble SES commonly put their academics on the back…

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