Hiding from Reality Essay

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Hiding from reality

The American Dream for many it means the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity traditionally held by every American. A life of personal happiness in short terms. However this “American Dream “is different for everyone, and it is now being threaten by many factors such as the economy, which is a big part of it, employment and our education as well are being demolished.
In “Hiding from reality” by Bob Herbert, he explains his view on how the American dream is slowly become less and less reachable and what we need to focus on in order for the restoration of the American Dream. Herbert states, “whenever you choose to look-at the economy and jobs, public schools, the budget deficits, the non-stop warfare
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He explains how we were once a high grade education system in the world and now are heading towards another direction leading to a careless country where education isn’t one of the top priorities this country had. Herbert believes that we’ve become a non-careless country and that all these political officials and public figures claiming that they will provide change is all false. His statement is directly targeting the American people, which is the audience in the article. Herbert’s statement can be widely supported because its true many political figures always claim that they will make our education better, will provide more jobs, provide better health benefits and the list can go on with false statements about providing better this and that. In the mean while the people wait and support them and when these politicians get elected all the changes they claim to provide seem to have been forgotten somehow.
Herbert makes a really good point about America being in denial and not recognizing what is really happening to our country and the state that were headed to with the recession. I personally agree If America doesn’t wake up and realize what’s going on before it’s too late the American dream won’t be able to strive again and it will become more of a, “American nightmare”.
Herbert’s article provides many points that many people can agree on such as our declining economy, the decreasing employment rate, the recession that were in

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