Hiding Behind the Mask Essay

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Hiding Behind The Mask

“It is fear which creates the mask, and fear which keeps it in place. The mask is hiding our true and most beautiful self from both ourselves and from the world. In its place is a mask of un-beauty.” Nisandeh Neta, founder of Open Circles, an international center for personal-growth and leadership, explains that people have a fear to show their true selves, so they go through their lives hiding behind a mask. According to the AP I-Village poll, more than half of women polled do not like their weight, while forty-eight percent view their figure negatively. Due to these negative outlooks about themselves, many people will look towards a quick fix, in this case plastic surgery. What is plastic surgery and what is
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Cosmetic surgery can be very effective and can help people live happier and become more confident with themselves.
Conversely, cosmetic surgery can have many negative side effects, consisting of mainly being used as a quick fix and offering short-term satisfaction, being expensive, being addictive, and having long-term health risks. Of course, the fact that cosmetic surgery is a quick fix is a plus, but the problem with this is that since it comes so easily, it causes people to rely on surgery to maintain their physique. This becomes a very big problem when it comes to surgeries that have to do with liposuction. This becomes a problem because surgery becomes the replacement of diet and exercise, causing that person who undergoes multiple liposuction surgeries to become unhealthy due to how easy it is to fall back on old habits that built up that weight in the first place. Sometimes, people who do get liposuction done only do it to lose weight in problem areas that they are just unable to burn off no matter how many years they have been running and attending the gym, in this case, liposuction can be a great thing, but sadly this is rarely the case. These surgeries, which used to be so difficult to attain, are so easily accessed that you can now walk into any office and receive what has now been called a

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