Hidden Roots By Joseph Bruchac Essay

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In the book Hidden Roots, by Joseph Bruchac, an 11-year old boy named Howard, also known as Sonny, lives with his mother and short tempered father in upstate New York. His father works at the local paper mill but is injured and must stay home. His mother stays at home and works around the house. Sonny is a curious boy who always wonders about his heritage but his parents never really tell him much. The plot is not revealed until the end of the book where Sonny’s Uncle Louis, tells him about his heritage and that he is actually his grandfather. The writing of the book has a fairly easy to follow style. It gets the reader’s attention by foreshadowing important conflicts in the book such as the true identity of Sonny’s heritage. Sonny is under the impression that Uncle Louis is a “French-Canadian” (Bruchac 15) but “he had long hair and he never wore a mustache” (Bruchac 27-28) like they did. Throughout the book, Uncle Louis talks about nature and native culture that may suggest otherwise. Another element the book demonstrates is Sonny’s first person narrative, which the reader can see through his accounts of a short period of his life. The story can be emotional at times and includes themes such as racism and abuse of Native Americans, sterilization of women, lower income families, and domestic violence. Uncle Louis is a decent guy who is just trying to help his daughter and her family. He had lived in Vermont once “but bad things had happen, and he had vowed to never live…

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