Hidden Figures Reflection

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What is the most valuable thing for a group of people to achieve a goal? Unity. Unity is an extremely necessary part of life. This movie and book, Hidden Figures, written by Margot Lee Shetterly, taught me that. While observing the characters actions, they taught me very much. It had never really occurred to me that unity was that important until I watched this movie. If your goal is to accomplish something and do it well, unity is vital. When you have a larger group of people, it is hard to all come together and agree, as seen in the movie, but it can be done and done well. When people come together and set their minds on something, they are completely unstoppable. Everyone has their own little gift and talent that they bring to the table. Katherine Goble was astounding at math and they could not have went to space without her. Although she was incredible, there is no way she could have done everything by herself. Take Mr. Harrison for instance, he was a pretty wise and well put together man. He seemed to know what he was doing, but he had a huge team that he could not have done without, “we get to the peak together, or we don’t get there at all” (Hidden Figures) words from Mr. Harrison …show more content…
When there was almost absolutely no unity. It seemed like the three young women were at odds with the people they worked with, as if it was impossible to get along, “every time we get a chance to get ahead the move the finish line. Every time.” (Hidden Figures) expressed by Ms. Vaughn. Not only did we see that there was a major lack of group participation but we saw that things weren’t working well. Everything started off poorly due to the lack of group effort. None of them saw Katherine as the smart and daring woman that she was, but as someone who was there where they didn’t belong, which obviously caused some tension. When you can’t accept someone for who they are, you will face major

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