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Hibb’s Web

Overview The Uvex Corporation was a small family-owned medical center on the southwest coast and as the business becomes flourished, the company restructured the organization for better service for its patients. Since after reorganization, Alex Fuhrman was worked as head the administration of the cancer research and treatment division. Christopher Hibbs, previously worked as a bookkeeper for the city of Sacramento, and currently hired to be an accounting manager for the West Coast division. Frederick Fontaine, the Manager of West Coast, has found a memo on Hibbs’ desk about doubt Alex was the person who cause fund missing since Alex was the director of accounting and finance. The unavailable communication between Alex
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The second goal for Uvex Corporation is to raise funds by issue another public stock offering early next year. The primary goal is to provide a better service to its patients by install the stat-of-the-art radiation therapy units in Salt Lake City.

Action Alternatives Based on the first problem, Uvex needs restructure the corporation to help find the best fit between existing employees and the jobs that await them. First, the head office in San Francisco, the central support functions that needs different departments such as marketing, human resources, accounting and financing. Uvex can have the different regional divisions running individually such as West Coast, South Eastern, Eastern and Northern. Each individual division should hire their own accounting manager, like Christopher Hibbs is the accounting manager of West Coast. Instead of doing for all departments, accounting manager only responsible for their own region’s accounting and financing. For every fiscal cycle, accounting manager in individual divisions sent their financial statements to their division manager to discuss the budgets for operating funds and capital expenditures. After the financial statement has been prove by division manager, which can be sent to the department of accounting and financing in the head office. The solution for the second problem which can be solved is by giving the warning letters to the managers like Frederick and controller who was inattention or failure in

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