Hi How R U Guys Essay

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Engkent, Lucia. Skill Set: Strategies for Reading and Writing, 2nd ed., Oxford, 2011 ISBN 978-0-19-544169-7 * All students are required to use the following Research Guide for their assignments: * Seneca Libraries. Guide to Research and Citation: MLA Style. 3rd ed. Toronto: Seneca College, 2010. Print. * A good quality English-language dictionary (The Oxford Dictionary and the Longman’s Dictionary are recommended.) * A folder/portfolio to keep all your work throughout the semester Note: Electronic dictionaries are not permitted during exams

* GRADING / ASSIGNMENTS Essays 2 x 10%
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Make-ups are granted at the professor’s discretion.


Promotion Policy: To pass EAP 500, you must meet the subject learning outcomes in BOTH your term work and the final examination. The term work will constitute 70% of the final grade; the exam 30%.

The final grade will be EXC (excellent), SAT (satisfactory) or UNSAT (unsatisfactory). You must achieve a grade of 60% or higher in BOTH the term and the final exam to successfully complete this subject.

Consistent attendance is expected as it contributes to student success in this subject. If you are absent from class, please notify me by phone or e-mail. You are still responsible for the material and assignments missed and will be required to provide documentation. For extensions or special considerations, make the request to me well in advance of any due dates.

Considerate classroom conduct, adequate class preparation, and constructive participation will enhance your academic experience and that of your colleagues. In particular, you are asked to contribute to the learning environment by being prompt, courteous, responsible and collaborative, and by following the behavioral policies listed in the College Academic Policy and the Student Handbook.

Please arrange times with me to discuss your work and progress in

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