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Community Health Nursing HAT1 Task 1
Western Governors University

Community Health Nursing HAT1 Task 1
History and Demographics of Bucks County Pennsylvania
Bucks County is located in southeastern Pennsylvania and is part of the Delaware Valley area. Bucks County is a suburb of the large city of Philadelphia. Bucks County was founded by William Penn in 1682 and was named after the British county of Buckinghamshire where Penn resided while in England. Bucks is one of the three original counties of Pennsylvania. Historically, Bucks County is known for being where General George Washington and his troops camped prior to crossing the Delaware River to take Trenton in 1776 during the Revolutionary War. Where they
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Approximately 10% of the Bucks County population is Russian born or have Russian born parents. Because of this, Russian is the second most spoken language in Bucks County other than English (City Data, n.d.).
Bucks County’s residents have many behavior risk factors. Overweight or obese residents are 56% of the population, despite over 80% reporting weekly exercise. There are 96 grocery stores for residents to shop but there are also 453 full service restaurants. Diabetes and asthma each affect 8% of Bucks County’s residents. Cigarette smoking is common amongst residents with 49% reporting smoking more than 100 cigarettes in their lifetime. Cancer also has a high morbidity and mortality rate. There were over 11,000 reported cancer cases with 3,086 cancer related deaths in Bucks County from 2007-2009 (Bucks County Health Profile, 2012).
Disaster Assessment
Bucks County’s website provides information for residents to prepare them for a disaster. Hurricanes and floods have been the cause of the latest disaster Bucks County has experienced but they are also subjected to blizzards, snowstorms, and excessive heat. In addition, there are protocols available on the website for power outages and how to safely handle food, how to prevent heat related illnesses, how to obtain medications during an emergency and what to put in an emergency kit. The website recommends residents have a plan in place prior to a

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