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(Relevant to Paper 2: Business Communication and Organization and Management)
Sebastian A. Bombaci, CPA

When a new employee joins a company one of the first things they learn is the company’s management structure. This includes understanding the working relationships with their manager, subordinates and peer group. Management structures appear in every type of organization including government departments, nongovernment organizations (NGOs), charities, and even the local sporting association.
Choosing the correct management structure ensures an organization’s continued growth, content employees and profitable returns for the shareholders. Choosing the wrong structure
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Some of these key components are:
• Task definition – How tasks are allocated, who reports to whom and the formal co-ordinating mechanisms and interaction patterns that will be followed.
• Communication Style – How messages travel throughout an organization. There are a number of possible alternatives: messages may travel down only from top management; they may travel both up and down through management layers; or they may travel horizontally amongst peers in an operating group.
• Formalization – The degree to which jobs and procedures within the organization are standardized using defined rules covering decision making, communication and management control. The rules may be objective such as through written descriptions or they may be subjective using informal controls.
• Type of Influence – This relates to the influencing techniques used by management to direct and motivate staff to achieve the desired goal. Authority-based influence is based on managers using their position

within a hierarchical management structure to issue orders and give direction. Expertise-based influence is based on managers using their knowledge and/or expertise to direct and influence subordinates to carry out a task in a particular way.
• Centralization – The degree to which decision making is concentrated either

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