Hester The Lover In The Scarlet Letter Essay

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Hester The Lover

In The Scarlet Letter, Hester, the main character in this novel, gives up her public approval to protect her child. Hester is tried and punished for committing adultery and is made to wear a scarlet “A” at all times. This leads to the whole community shunning her, as they are all Puritans. She bears the burden of humiliation and being shunned from society without complaint, taking her punishment head on. She raises Pearl alone and with little income, but refuses to give up Pearl’s father, even if it would ease the burden a bit, because if the town knew who Pearl’s father was the child would be even more of an outcast. The novel shows the progression of Pearls younger years and the lives of those around her. It shows
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The Minister is wracked by grief for what he has done with Hester, and this ails him. Chillingworth helps along the Ministers ailment by harassing him, as he suspect the Minister is the father of Pearl. Chillingworth does this by adding to Dimmesdale’s remorse and regret, making the Minister’s health issues even worse. However, Hester remains silent on the matter, keeping her beloved daughter as sheltered from the situation as possible. Additionally, these trials just further highlight Hester’s love for Pearl, which is one of her most highlighted features throughout the novel. It helps to present the theme of motherly love being an incredibly strong bond. Her parental love is an important theme in this book and it’s focused on quite a frequently as the story progresses. Hester finally feels free from her burden when Dimmesdale and her decided to move to Europe to live together as a family. The Minister outs himself before they are set to leave, and ends up dying right afterwards. Hester and Pearl move away to Boston. Hester returns alone, some years later, and resumes living in her cottage and wearing her scarlet

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