Women's Role In The Scarlet Letter

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Rande Hoffman
Dr. Dion Phillips-Scotland
American Literature
3 March 2016
Hester Prynne, a Women 's Rights Trailblazer
In a time where women were viewed as inferior Hester Prynne stood up for herself and stood up to gender roles that made her look less than human. Hester did what she wanted and therefore dealt with repercussions that followed her actions. Hester also raised a young girl in a place that shunned her and ultimately tried to strip her of her self confidence. Shortly after the publishing of the Scarlet Letter women started to question their role in society. The Scarlet Letter helped set up a base for the women 's rights movement.
When Hester Prynne was found guilty of adultery, she is forced to where a stitched Scarlet letter
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Although being forced to wear the scarlet letter is killing Hester on the inside, she wears it and never denies it, this shows her strength from within. Even though the a caused many problems for Hester, she didn 't remove it and continue to wear it despite how embarrassing it was to her. When Pearl is a baby she notices the scarlet letter on our mother 's chest. Pearl reaches up to touch it, and the letter became part of Hester, not only her physical being, but her mental been also (Hawthorne 88). Pearl didn 't know that the letter represented her mother 's sin of adultery but still had a fixation towards the Scarlet letter. Hester Prynne is made fun of and stared at with the looks of disgust, she still continues to have the willpower to turn her head the other way and continue on with her life. Everyone in the community looks down upon Hester and Pearl. The children even look down upon them, their parents instilled in their head that Hester is a bad woman and that her daughter is evil. This feeling of revulsion that is the bestowed upon Pearl and Hester is extremely painful and difficult for Hester to deal with but she is strong and does not let it phase her. Hester …show more content…
Dimmesdale feels strong pain because he can 't reveal that he was the man has to are committed adultery with. Dimmesdale is Pearl 's father but he is also a reverend so he can 't reveal himself. This is eating away at Dimmesdale and is so far worse punishment than Hester 's because his guilt is tearing him apart. Hester 's husband, Roger Chillingworth, is acting like a doctor in the town while trying to get Dimmesdale to reveal his secret because Chillingworth suspects it. It is Chillingworth ultimate goal to seek revenge upon Dimmesdale. Hester and Chillingworth meet in the forest and Hester tells him that he must reveal to Dimmesdale that he is her husband. Chillingworth tells her no so Hester is forced to tell Dimmesdale herself. When Hester tells him he blames her for the cause of his agony. She begs for him to forgive her and he finally does. He then tells her “advise me what to do” (Hawthorne 180). Her strength which she exhibited by helping Dimmesdale overcome all his obstacles was tremendous and not something many women during that time would 've even thought of

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