Hershey's Kiss Descriptive Essay

759 Words Oct 27th, 2012 4 Pages
To describe a Hershey’s kiss is a nearly impossible task. It is like trying to describe the sun setting over the ocean. Mere words cannot capture beauty in its purest form. There are many parts to what makes a Hershey’s kiss as wonderful as it is. There is it’s the foil wrapper and flag, the candy itself, the taste, or the incredible feeling it gives you, every part is essential to what makes the heresy’s kiss as spectacular as it is. When you first glimpse upon the Hershey’s kiss, the first thing to catch your eye is the silver foil wrapper. It draws you in like a fire place on a cold winter’s night, ready to wrap you in its warm embrace. It shines like a magnificent silver beacon in the dark, offering you safety and shelter when all …show more content…
The feeling that you get while eating a chocolate kiss may be the most powerful of its properties yet. It puts whoever is eating it into a state of pure bliss. Just close your eyes and imagine a place without sadness, without sorrow, without pain, and without anger and the only thing you can feel is happiness like rays of sunshine gently coming down upon you and then you’ll truly know the feeling it gives you. It’s as if you’re laying on a cloud and all your worries just slip

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