Hero's Journey In Life Of Pi

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“Not every child who has attended a summer camp is classified as a hero–” (Allan, Davin). Pi

battled a tiger and the vast open sea at the age of 16. In the book Life of Pi, Yann Martel wrote a young

adult named Piscine Patel, who is on his way to complete a hero 's journey. This journey really shows how

much someone can adapt to such a life changing experience. Before Pi’s journey began, he lived in

Pondicherry, India, and spent a majority of his time at the zoo that his father owned. Having the

opportunity to be raised in a zoo gave him the skills that helped him survive his voyage. His father was

always trying to teach him a lesson, once he said “It must have been bleating all along, only we couldn’t

hear it before” (44). This
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When Pi finds out this news Pi feels downhearted and has a multitude of thoughts. Pi is refusing to

go along because he doesn’t want to leave Mr. Kumar (the baker) and Mr. Kumar (the biology teacher).

These two Mr. Kumar 's taught Pi many of the skills and knowledge that he knows now.

As Pi begins to prepare for his journey to Canada, Mr. Kumar, the Biology teacher, has his

students write about a tough choice that they have faced. Pi chooses to write about moving to Canada

away from his home in India.Therefore, Mr.Kumar tends to meet with Pi and talk about what his feelings

on the situation of moving are. In addition to that, Mr.Kumar is a mentor for Pi, by giving him advice. After

their conversation, Pi has a better understanding of why moving to Canada would be the better choice

than staying back in India. Now that he has clear understanding he accepts what’s going on. According to

Pi, “You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it” (115). Furthermore, once the

family boards the boat they embark on an entire new adventure. Life is forced upon him as his ship,
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Following this action, Richard Parker runs off and never returns. The departure of

Richard Parker, leaves Pi literally heart broken. He is overwhelmed with feelings, because they were both

reliant on each other for survival. Speaking from the heart Pi said, “It 's important in life to conclude things

properly. Only then can you let go. Otherwise you are left with words you should have said but never did,

and your heart is heavy with remorse” (360).

Shortly after Pi’s long 227 day journey on the Pacific Ocean, his life returns back to normal,

except his need to hoard items. Six months later Pi and Yann Martel run into each other and start talking.

Pi invites Martel to his house and then Martel asks Pi to share his story about being stranded on a

lifeboat. Martel transcribes Piscine Patel story into a book that consists of small test that Pi must complete

in order to get overcome the difficulties he faces as he journeys through life (Riley, Liam). Such as,

watching the hyena kill the zebra and Pi making a raft to help train Richard Parker. I also think Pi

becomes a hoarder, because he was stranded on the lifeboat and he lives in fear of being without food

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