Heroism : Heroism And Heroism Essay

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Heroism Lives in Us I have come to view all people as having the potential to exhibit heroic quality, but this has not always been the case throughout my life. I predominantly used to identify heroism as only being attainable by men. Personal experience and fictional television molded who I believed displayed authentic, genuine acts of heroism. I came to realize my oblivious beliefs as a child would not serve me well in the real world. The expectations of what it means to demonstrate such heroism continues to change dramatically as I grow older. Furthermore, when a person has impressed upon me a great desire for serving all God’s creation with love, humility, selflessness, through pain, physical challenge, heartache and all while being without complaint or expectation, is true heroism. As a child, I would have chosen the fictional character such as Superman as a definition of a hero. No matter my view or definition, which has changed with time, one fact remains: heroism is a vital element in this world. We need heroes, as heroism fuels the hope all mankind needs, and emphasizes the good in the world.
Undeniably, my first idea of what a hero was always a strong male figure who donned a jumpsuit and or cape. Indeed, I accredit fictional fantasy for my early thoughts on heroism. Obviously, it takes a very scant impression to leave a gullible child believing one is a hero. I assert this because; looking back to my…

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