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The Heroin Epidemic in Northwest Ohio
Heroin use is Northwest Ohio is growing majorly and something needs to be done and it needs to be stopped. Heroin is a highly addictive drug that is becoming available in Ohio, take over the streets, creating an increase in violence, and a large increase in overdoses and death. Heroin is one of the most deadly drug of in the country.
With today 's heroin use continuing to grow I believe more people should know about what heroin is and how it affects you. Heroin is a highly addictive, white or brown powder or black tar, that comes from a flower, the opium poppy that grows in Mexico, Asia, and South America (WebMD). An opioid is an opium like compound that binds to one or more of the three opioid receptors
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31 year old addict Nick Casali tells a reporter “My fiancee took the kids and left me. I lost a house, I’ve lost cars, I lost a $23 an hour job over this because I chose heroin over everything. It will ruin your life, if not kill you.” (Nelson) Users body 's becoming dependent on heroin so when users come down from their high and have no heroin left to use when their bodies need heroin, they go through withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms include jitteriness, chills, vomiting, bone pain and muscle pain (WebMD). When an addict does have the drug and is using, normally their actions and appearance will be different. After using the drug within minutes the user will have tiny pupils, with sleepy eyes, the tendency to nod off, there breathing will be slowed down, they will have flushed skin, runny nose, slurred speech, and a dry mouth. Heroin addicts in general may also have other signs and symptoms even while they’re not high on the drug, users may be seen scratching and itching, as well as vomiting, constipation, nausea, not eating, wearing long sleeves, and not taking care of themselves (narconon.org). Vomiting, constipation, and nausea can also be a sign and symptom of withdrawals. There is also many health issues caused with heroin use, such health issues as collapsed veins, infections of the heart lining and valves, skin infections such as abscesses and cellulitis, at high …show more content…
In 2014 more than 47,000 US americans overdosed, the number of overdose deaths for 2014 was higher than any other recorded year (Cincinnati.com). This was enough for people to start to try and make a stance. With Casey’s Law was passed in 2012 not being enough anymore, they had to go further. Casey’s Law is a law allowing parents, relatives and friends to petition a probate court to order involuntary treatment if they are of harm to themselves or others (Ohio State Bar Association). In March 2014 a new law was passed allowing family members, law enforcement, and addicts to carry Naloxone (Ohio State Bar Association). Naloxone is a drug that blocks opiate receptors in the nervous system, and used to help to stop overdoses. Two months later in June 2014 Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System started to require a review of patient information before prescribing a Schedule II or opioid (Ohio State Bar

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