Essay on Heroin Addiction And Its Effect On Society

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Heroin, known as one of the deadliest recreational drugs, is making a comeback to the eastern shore. Heroin, derived from the seed of a poppy plant, has a unique molecular structure, making it an interesting topic of discussion. Using this highly addictive drug destroys both your mind and your body. Sudden discontinued use, also known as cutting off “cold turkey”, can bring about intense symptoms of withdrawal, leaving the user feeling incredibly ill, helpless, and desperate for the drug. Heroin is also extremely illegal, classified as a schedule I drug, making use and distribution very risky in terms of the law. Heroin addiction is not untreatable, but can be incredibly hard to overcome. Although it is extremely effective in relieving pain, usage can damage your body, your social life, and ultimately, ruin your life.
Heroin, also known as diamorphine, is derived of dried latex of certain poppy species ("Heroin Profile," n.d.), originates in South America. ("What is heroin and how is it used? | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)," n.d.) Its use decreased dramatically in the 1980’s, but is slowly making a comeback. (Woods, 1994, p. xx) Heroin is produced by the acetylation of crude morphine. ("Heroin Profile," n.d.) When morphine is heated with the chemical acetic anhydride, heroin is formed. (Woods, 1994, p. xx) Heroin’s molecular structure is C21H23NO5, indicating that it comes from carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. ("Heroin Profile," n.d.) It is typically sold…

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