Heroin : A Common Misconception Essay

1364 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
Heroin is flowing in the streets of the suburbs that surround our schools, where teens and young adults are dying of overdoses daily. I am talking about the heroin epidemic, a silent disease that has risen yet again. There is not enough awareness nor help for opiate addiction and the users that succumb to its temptation. Heroin use has drastically increased 63 percent over the past decade, and with that the overdoses have doubled (Curry, 2015). It is a common misconception that heroin is primarily in the poor, rundown neighborhoods, and thats where it stays, where it will never reach the “safe” neighborhoods. The reality is, it is in the poor neighborhoods, but it is also in the middle class and wealthy neighborhoods; it is everywhere. This epidemic is increasingly becoming larger by the day, and will not hesitate to swallow young naive kids whole; the ones who think it would be fun to experiment with heroin, just once. It is taking away their dreams of attending college or a university, to have a stable job, and to have a family of their own. If we don 't find a solution to this problem quickly, the costs to society will be drastic. Over the past 50 years, the demographic of heroin users has shifted from only affecting the inner-city, minorities to young white men and women in their 20s living in the suburbs of the rich and middle class. The first wave of the heroin epidemic was documented in the 1950s, this primarily affected American Americans who were involved with the…

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