Heroes Stand Up For The Truth Essay

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The images that usually come to mind when one thinks of heroes is of people in the military, fire department, and sometimes even police officers. Although these people display courage in putting their life on the line for others, they are not the images that come to my mind when I think of the word hero. Real heroes are people that society never hears about.
Heroes stand up for the truth despite the consequences. A young man in his early twenties once told me that his teenage sister had just done the bravest thing that anyone in their family had ever done. She had become a hero to him by the act of telling on someone. She told on their father, who had been sexually abusing her for years. Their father was a dominating and manipulative man, who had over twenty children by multiple women. He had convinced these children and women that he was a holy man and his way was the only way. The young girl stood up and told the truth knowing the probable derision, scorn, and disbelief she would face from those she loved most.
Most heroes do not even know they are heroes. I will never forget the conditions that large family had to live in. They were kept segregated from society and had to hide their lifestyle because “normal” people would never understand. The young man who was so proud of his younger sister’s courage did not even realize his own courageousness. His sister had stood up and told the truth but he was the one who had the conviction to call the…

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