Essay about Heroes Of Our World : How Can I Prove It?

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Heroes of our world
In our society I believe that we go through a lot of Campbell 's stages, but one of the most common is the denial of the call. How many times have we seen some people get the opportunity to do something, but they choose not to do it, because they are scared that they will not be able to accomplish what is expected of them. The most common Campbell stage in real life has to be the road of trials. Everyone goes through the road of trial. How can I prove it? Your personality changes through time. I believe the road of trials doesn 't end until we are unable to accomplish something or until we have accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish, but the road of trials that makes the biggest change in our lives is going through adolescents, and becoming an adult ( we have a big road of trials, but inside that big one we have more roads of trials). Once we are adults we can say we are masters of two worlds. For me these two Campbell stages were the ones that made the biggest changes in my life. When I was 11 years old I moved to Mexico and finished my middle school and high school over there. Once I had done my high school I decided to move to the US once more to start my career, because I liked better the economy of the US then than of Mexico. My call of the hero were the papers I had that said, that I was born in the Us, and had the opportunity to live there. Now I had to choose, live with my family in Mexico or make my own path. When you have choices that…

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