Heroes And Ordinary People, Changing The World Essay

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Heroes and “Ordinary People” Changing the World

Heroes are seen as not ordinary people, but really they are just ordinary people. They are the people who create change in the world. Although they may not be saving the world from meteors or protecting the city from super villains, they are there, slowly fighting for their rights. In this case, they are fighting for their rights as homosexuals, people who identify as gays or lesbians. A group of people who created a spark in Canadian history on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights. The Brunswick Four were a group of four lesbians’ who decided to sing in a Toronto bar called the Brunswick Bar in 1974 where they sang, “a rousing revision of “I Enjoy Being a Girl” – for ‘girl’ they sang ‘dyke’” (Bébout, 1974). and then proceeded to be told to leave by the bar manager. This was a controversial moment in Canada politics as they resisted arrest from the police and were subjected to unjust police brutality, “The charges were laid by the Crown after the three women produced evidence in the form of doctor’s notes and photographs of extensive bruising” (“Brunswick Four”, n.d. para. 8). This incident particularly angered the community and was even handled pro bono by “lawyer Judy LaMarsh, who was a former Liberal cabinet minister” (“Brunswick Four”, n.d. para 5). This lead to increased publicity, which later lead to further inferences from historians such as, “Gay historian Tom Warner believes that the arrest and its…

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