Battle Of Salamis Compare And Contrast

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Back into the historical time, there was one of the major battle happened at the Second Persian Invasion from 480 to 429Bc. It was the battle of Salamis under King Xerses. There were several authors reported this battle with different view. Therefore, this essay will establish that, whereas Herodotus portrays the battle of Salamis as though it occurred directly after the capture of Athens, Aeschylus who fought at the battle of Salamis potrays it from the Persian viewpoint and provides different information compared to Herodotus.
The battle of Salamis was a naval battle that fought between the Greece city and Persia. The battle of Salamis marked the main point of the Second Persian time and it was the most significant battle in history. Herodotus
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It was the influence of the divine on the battle whereas Herodotus claims that there were many apparitions of deities. While Aeschylus says to some vague “God” or “god” was opposed to the Persians. According to Aeschylus’s version, it seemed like that Persian became upset about God because they think God opposed to them “free tombs of ansestors and temple-homes of native gods. This battle is do or die! Out of our ranks only a Persian murmur. Rose to oppose them-then when every instant cried out for action!” (Aeschylus,14). According to the historical time, people tend to believe in god and ghost that could help them figure out the future and knew what to do next while they were suffering or having any challenges that could not be solve. That might be a reason that later on in Aeschylus’s book, the ghost Dareius let them know about the future about the battle of Plataea would happen after the battle of …show more content…
Aeschylus who fought as the battle of Salamis potray it from the Persian viewpoint and provided the diffrent information compare to Herodotus. Overall, there were several different points between Herodotus and Aeschylus about the battle of Salamis. Those different points were such as the different in the number of ship and triremes that fought in the battle of Salamis. The other differences was on Aeschylus version, it provided more detail of explaining about what were happening during the battle. The reasons behind this were probably that Aeschylus was a person who actually fought at the battle of Salamis. Overall, the battle of Salamis became the largest battle that affect the historical time. After everything, the battle of Salamis created the relationship between Greeks and Persians. After this battle, Greece had become safer, stronger and did not have to afraid of any threating from other

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