Hero Essay

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Chapter 1: The murder Tuesday, October 21, 2014 – Current If you were to make a definition of normal, Samuel Jenison would be it. Samuel was the most normal person you’ll ever meet; He did well in school but not great, he wasn’t the most handsome guy, nor the ugliest and he wasn’t very popular, he had 2 best friends, Zoey and Luke. But what wasn’t normal about Samuel was the secret he had, the very secret that will change his world forever. Oh man!” Luke thought, as he remember that he had Science homework due today. “Wait, Samuel might have the homework!” As Samuel walked out of math class, he instantly threw his head back in frustration when he saw Luke. “What now! You only wait outside of my class when you …show more content…
Richardson, Samuels’s teacher called. Samuel barely heard him but still lifted his head up off his desk. And looked around only to see everyone looking at him.
“Mr. Jenison, can you answer number 3?” Mr. Richardson repeated again.
“Um… No.” Samuel said trying to understand the question.
“Then I suggest, you pay attention.” Mr. Richardson said in an angry tone.
Mr. Richardson started to say something when the intercom came on.
A sweet young woman voice came on it and stated: “Mr. Richardson, can you send Luke Johnson to the office right away?”
“Yes, he’s on his way.” Mr. Richardson replied as he signaled to Luke to go.
“What did I do now?” Luke wondered.
Luke walked down to the office as slowly as he could. Whatever the reason was that he had to go to the office, it wasn’t a good. You only get called down to the office if something bad happened or you did something bad. After about 5 minutes of walking as slowly as he could, he finally reached the office, where he saw two policeman standing next to the principal.
“Oh my gosh, they know.” Luke thought with a worried face.
“Are you Luke Johnson?” The older looking policeman asked.
“Um…Yes that’s me, how can I help you?” Luke said, hoping it wasn’t about the weed he has in his locker.
“I’m sorry son. Early today, around 10 o’clock, your…” The policeman stopped, trying not to cry as he spoke the very words he once had to hear.
“My what, Sir?” Luke said still hoping it wasn’t about the

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