Hero Essay: There Are Many Characteristics Of A Hero?

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What is hero? There are many characteristics that a hero should have. The word hero is very broad work that too commonly used. According to the American heritage dictionary a hero is a person who risked their life to save others. A hero should be someone who can identify and separate right from wrong. A hero can be anyone around us. All of us can be heroes. I can be hero. You can be hero. Sometimes, in just a split second, a normal individual can be transformed as hero with only a simple act. To make this view become strong, let discuss a simple example on a man who manages to push up himself to safe a women’s handbag that being snatched by a thief and probably it will happen in a few minutes. It doesnt matter who the man is, but as
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Let’s focus on simple example so that it can be discuss clearly. Lets say if im noticing that my friends had being snatched at the market just now, then i screamed and asked the other people to help my friends. Should im being label as a hero? Of course not. I only ask the people to work on it, but i just put myself as the person who see the situation. If im wanna to be label as a hero, i need to go and chase the thief. So that i will be label as a heroes as i sacrify for something that need my help. John perspective and my perspective is quiet different. Maybe he has his own experience about the heroes so that he state the …show more content…
Silver screen heroes are the ones that make the big money, and make impressions on people that they are heroes. These heroes only care about how much money they make and themselves. True heroes are the ones who put their life on the line everyday to save people. Many people think that there are not lots of true heroes but we see them everyday. The media misleads our society by glamorized acts that are seen in the media when actually heroes earn that status through courageous and honorable acts. Sometimes heroes term need to follow by sincereness concept as it is very closed and need each other to reach one level until the people could respect. It is not as easy as we think. Myriads of word could charge down by the mouth, but actually it very hard to practice. For me, the heroes also is not just a person who is going to save the person’s life but heroes also include the aspects that could be modeling by others people. To support this point, when someone manages to help the other person just in simple way, then those attitude(help other people) followed by the other person and its spread out, so the person who start to show the attitude also could be label as heroes. He/she come out with a good attitude to be follow by other

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