Hero : A Hero By Definition Essay

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A hero by definition is somebody with outstanding qualities that you idolize, and in some way hope to be. Unfortunately that 's more of a text-book definition, heroes come in every shape and size and in many cases are completely circumstantial. For some people a hero is the guy who lets them cut in line at the grocery store or the person who let them copy notes for a missed class period, or the person that saved your life. Personally, my hero made me into the person I am today, my hero isn’t forgettable, I’d go as far as saying that he’s the reason I’m writing this paper now and not working in some field in Mexico. My hero is my father, a hardworking man who values his family over everything, and has taught me how to survive and get through life even when I didn 't want to head his advice. Without him I’d have nothing, and it 's through his sacrifices and how much help he’s given me that I consider him my hero.
My father affected my life in such an amazing way when he decided to bring my mother and I to the United States, something that I will really never be able to repay him for, yet he doesn’t care. Time and time again he’s told me that if his children are happy and successful he 's reached his purpose in life. I’ve been given opportunities that he could have never dreamed of having, I went to school, had a normal childhood, and now I’m in a university working on a degree. All of this I owe to him, unfortunately the way I think now isn’t anything like how I used…

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