Why Is Greek Mythology Important

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Greek Mythology Research Paper
Greek Mythology is very important because it's a body of myths that belong to the Ancient Greeks. Mythology is based on the nature of the world, origins, and the significance of their Greek gods. The Greek God I chose to research about is Hermes because he is the God of Travel, and he was one of the main messengers during this time period. Hermes became the God of Travel because other Olympian Gods saw him as a person who could move swiftly between all the world’s of man and gods. Did you know that Hermes wasn’t just the God of Travel, he was also the God of Trade, luck, wealth, sleep, language, medicine and etc?
Hermes had a lot of strengths, including that he delivered news to far away places, since back then they didn’t have a whole lot of transportation. Instead, he had to walk or use a carriage to get to places. He was “one of the most cleverest gods out there, and most mischievous of them all” some Greek Gods said. Hermes had a very important symbol that a lot of gods respected, that symbol was called the Caduceus or as we know it, the medical sign. The Caduceus had two snakes that are wrapped around a pair of his wings near the top. The Caduceus
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One myth that stands out to me was called “Hermes and The Creation of Pandora.” Hermes role in this myth was where he would deliver the baby to the world, and then he would take Pandora to Epimetheus as a gift, since he was one of the main messengers. Hermes also forced lies, crafty words, and the nature of Zeus into her brain. Some people say that Hermes caused Pandora to become an evil being to men. Now when Epimetheus received Pandora as a gift, he automatically saw her as a threat to men since she was the “first woman” on earth created by the gods. These Greek Gods were frightened by all this because it was the first woman Zeus had created, and they didn’t know what she was going to do. It was mainly all out of curiosity

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