Herman Von Helmholtz Case Study

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Herman Von Helmholtz was a German psychologist the early to mid-nineteenth century. He made a plethora of different advancements in the psychological field, including the development of his theory of perception, theory of color vision, and theory of auditory perception (Hergenhahn & Henley, 2014). Apart from those contributions Helmholtz delved into different psychological questions and placed his view and response into these different psychological questions. These question, generally pertained to mechanism vs. vitalism, empiricism vs. nativism, and the relationship between nonhuman and human animals. Helmholtz used science and different sources of examples to clearly depict his belief on these different topics.
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Helmholtz view on empiricism can be supported by analyzing different case studies. Within the different case studies Helmholtz analyzed the findings of two different people with vision problems. In particular, the one case study that Helmholtz analyzed depicts a patient with problems about their vision. The patient is unable to recognize common objects such as key and ring (Cahan, 1993). The results of the two case studies show that things such as object recognition are not inherited and must be learned over time. Helmholtz further explains the optic nerve in his book Popular Lectures on Scientific Subjects.Within the book he discusses other factors apart from light that will excite the optic nerve (Helmholtz, 1884). Consquently, the different case studies and Helmholtz belief on the different sensations that excite the optic nerve ultimately supported Helmholtz view on empiricism on how knowledge is learned through experience.
Helmholtz made a lot of key points in support of his support on empiricism. The different case studies that Helmholtz had analyzed properly supported his view on empiricism and allowed others to gain knowledge and see his point of view. Helmholtz did a superb job incorporating different scientific studies on vision to show others that knowledge is not and cannot be inherited. Consquently, Helmholtz view on empiricism is logical and supported with different

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