Essay on Heritage Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Nathalie Alerte
Grand Canyon University: NSR 429V
August 30, 2015

A family health assessment is a way for a nurse to gather patient data based on health patterns and actions taken by a given family. Certain specifics that are touched by this are family history, cognitive ability, nutrition, etc. 11 areas of focus are addressed per Gordon’s health related behaviors while doing the assessment. This was used to aid the nurse in coming up with certain questions to ask the family (Edelman, 2010). The process helps the nurse to better understand and assess a family’s health issues and needs. The specific family, known as the St-Cyr, is a family of Haitian descent living in Queens, NY. The wife is 48 and the
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St Cyr control edema of the lower extremities. The appropriate nursing diagnosis is Readiness for enhanced Nutrition. Both parents are aware of their nutrition status as well as which foods are healthy or unhealthy. When a situation presents itself both parties are ready to take a more appropriate and healthier approach when it comes down to their nutritional health (Ackley & Ladwig 2008). Sleep, Rest The kids typically get a good amount of sleep. Mr. St Cyr reports that some nights he is unable to sleep and breathe while lying in bed. He has to get up several times to prop the pillows in bed and take frequent trips to the bathroom. However, since he is home during the day, he is able to wake up late and take frequent naps sleep during the day. The wife, a home health aide, works about 50 hours a week. She tries establishes a routine before bedtime: by praying wit the family. She complains of being tired constantly. She does not take any sleeping pills. She is aware that lack of sleep can lead to chronic conditions like diabetes and memory loss. She will try to establish a routine patter, Nursing diagnosis of Readiness for Enhance sleep related to sleep depravation. (Ackley & Ladwig 2008). Mrs. St Cyr will establish a routine before bedtime to enhance her sleep. Elimination The children and the wife report regular urinary and bowel routines. The only person who experiences urinary urgency or frequency and

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