Heritage Assessment Paper

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Heritage Assessment
Grand Canyon University: NRS429
June 13, 2014

Heritage Assessment

The increasing population of immigrants in the United States has contributed to health disparities in the health care system. Cultural competence can remove health disparities by eliminating personal biases, and treating every person with respect. Simply recognizing and accepting different cultures is not enough, one must be able to consistently recognize and understand the differences in order to be culturally competent. Knowledge and culturally competent practices are a must for nurses to deliver quality care in our rapidly changing multicultural world (Edelman, 2014 p. 25).
The heritage assessment tool is a set of questions that can be used
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This is helpful information to know when assessing a patient. A special diet may need to be ordered, and specific clothes may need to be worn in addition to a patient gown. Pastoral care may need to be ordered and at a specific time (Cultural Guide, 2014). I have had Persian patients that I allowed to leave their burka in place for surgery, and Asian patients that preferred warm water over cold. Before surgery I ask if the patient would like pastoral care, what denomination and time frame. The patients are always appreciative of the respect for their culture. In the Chinese culture, Taoism is the philosophical and theoretical foundation of Chinese medicine. According to Tao doctrine, two forces, Yin and Yang, hold innate energy called Chi, and sexual energy, called Jing, in balance. Yin is cold, dark, and feminine while Yang is warm, positive, light, and masculine. An imbalance can be cause by an improper diet or by experiencing strong emotions. A variety of herbs are used for healing purposes and keeping the body balanced. Acupuncture is also used as alternative medicine. How closely the individual identifies with their heritage seems to determine the use or non-use of these practices (Edelman, 2014, p. 36). In the family interview I found that the parents and grandparents were using alternative medicine, but the adult children were not. In the Vietnamese culture, illness can come from spiritual causes. Imbalances of Am and

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