Herbert Comte As The Creator And Founder Of Sociology

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1. Comte was the creator and founder of sociology and how we know it today. However he did not do one of the most important parts which is research. While he would ask the question he wouldn’t follow through with the results. Comte wanted to know why we had social order and not chaos,and why once people had their mind set to something why they would follow through. He wanted to know what would cause someone to change course. He wanted to apply the scientific method to today’s social world; this method is known as positivism.

Herbert Spencer who some believed to be the co founder of sociology,;was a major intellectual figure in the Victorian era. He was a proponent of the evolutionary theory titled survival of the fittest. Spencer
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Spencer argued that evolution could explain the process for which simple things develop. For Spencer, human life was an example of the lengthy process of evolution. In the book Essentials of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach Spencer has people put into two different categorize one of higher class he civilized and the other lower the barbarians.

2. Identify AND explain each of the three (3) major sociological theoretical perspectives AND identify and briefly discuss one (1) of the major theorists who is recognized as a proponent of each theoretical perspective.
The 3 major sociological theoretical perspectives are symbolic interactionism, functional analysis and conflict theory.
• Symbolic Interactionism- they way we see the world and attach one thing to another, also how we communicate. George Herbert Mead

• Functional Analysis-a system of parts that work together to maintain harmony and balance for social equilibrium as a whole. Functional is broken up into two parts manifest and latent. Manifest is the consequences that are indented and commonly organized. Latent is the consequences that are unintended and often hidden. Emile Durkheim would be one theorist who recognized functional analysis as a proponent
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All they were supposed to do were cook, tend to the children the clothes and be active in the church.
• In the book it talks about how in order to break this would be severe disapproval from both men and women. Beyond basic reading and writing with some math, women didn’t get a education that was primarily for men. Women who did have a higher education level became well-known in early sociology. I read an article titled “The Women’s 1969 Sociology Caucus, Sociologists for Women in Society and the ASA: A Forty Year Retrospective of Women on the Move” In the article they talk about how they would meet in the basement for meetings because they weren’t allowed to meet at the ASA hotel the Hilton. They speak of women such as Gertrude Jaeger Selznick who in 1972 was the first women elected president of P.S.A Pacific Sociological Association. From this article and the book I gathered that women had fought hard and long for equal rights.
• Independent variable- I would assume that women starting to fight for their rights would be a start to making things equal. Actually going to the courts and showing the men that although they aren’t the same sex doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the same

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