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Chinese History(herbal) The first traditionally recognized herbalist is Shénnóng (, lit. "Divine Farmer"), a mythical god-like figure, who is said to have lived around 2800 BC.[2] He allegedly tasted hundreds of herbs and imparted his knowledge of medicinal and poisonous plants to farmers. His Shénnóng Běn Cǎo Jīng, Shennong's Materia Medica) is considered as the oldest book on Chinese herbal medicine. It classifies 365 species of roots, grass, woods, furs, animals and stones into three

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Healing is restoring this lost harmony and integration. 

And so, herbal medicine is a universal practice among all the world's traditional medical systems, which developed systems or models of herbal healing based on the holistic healing principles and concepts inherent to that system.  Greek Medicine is no exception to this rule, and bases its own system of herbal medicine upon its core concepts:  the Four Basic Qualities, the Four Elements, the Four Humors and the Four Temperaments.  The practical details of Greek Medicine's system of herbal healing grew out of the accumulated clinical experience of generations of Greek physicians. 


In Western civilization, Galen is credited with development of herbal medicines. He lived in the 100's AD and I seem to remember that he was the physician of Marcus Aurelius. In modern medical trade, herbal medicines are called galenics.

2800 B.C.- The first written record of herbal medicine use showed up. (Titled the Pen Ts'ao by Shen Nung)

400 B.C.- The Greeks joined the herbal medicine game. Hippocrates stressed the ideas that diet, exercise and overall happiness formed the foundation of wellness.

50 A.D.- The Roman Empire spread herbal medicine around the Empire, and with it the commerce of cultivating herbs.

200 A.D.- The first classification system that paired common illnesses with their herbal remedy appeared. This was prepared by the herbal
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