Herb Kelleher : A Symbol Of Freedom Essay

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A Symbol of Freedom

According to Herb Kelleher “If you put your employees first and you take care of them, they will take good care of customers. Then, the customers will come back, and your shareholders will like that” (“Southwest”). Herb Kelleher has created a company that has been named among the five Most Admired Corporations in America (“Herbert”). Herb Kelleher is an American born entrepreneur, who created an extraordinary low cost airline with his bold innovations and many others have followed his leadership.
On March 12, 1931, Herb Kelleher was born in Camden, New Jersey. His father was the general manager of Campbell’s Soup Factory (“Herb”). His mother instilled in him to have a fun and loving attitude (“CNBC”). He attended Wesleyan College, where he received his bachelor’s degree. He received his law degree from New York University. Mr. Kelleher practiced law on the east coast before moving to Texas to start his own law firm (“Herb”). In 1966, Rollin King marched into Herb Kelleher’s law office in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Kelleher had done legal work for Mr. King previously. Mr. King had the idea of starting an airline using larger planes to fly passengers. He knew he needed a man with a bold personality to make this airline successful. He owned King Air Service, which was a small airline that operated commuter service. The two men left Mr. Kelleher’s office and went to St. Anthony Club in San Antonio, Texas, to have cocktails and discuss the new airline…

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