Heraclitus And Parmenides Reflective Essay

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Heraclitus and Parmenides have very opposite views on how the world works. Heraclitus believes that the world is made of flux and that we can understand the world with our senses. Flux represents change, it constantly changes which makes the world and everything else constantly change (Week 1, 21). The world can’t stay the same it must change there has to be tension or conflict always going on (Week 1, 21). Flux also represents order it does not represent chaos. Parmenides believed mostly the exact opposite. He believed that the world cannot change at all and that we cannot trust our senses because they can deceive us (Week 1, 23). We should not rely on our senses to understand the world but rely on rational arguments. Things cannot change they can only go into non-being …show more content…
I believe that the truth that science or people are looking for isn’t the undeniable truth of the world but the truth that makes things make the most since for us at the time. It doesn’t matter if it is not the full truth or not true at all but it is the information that makes that thing make the most sense to us at that time. As time passes we grow and learn more as a species so we throw out old wrong ideas and we learn more of how things truly work but I think we still would believe in something that makes more sense to us than to believe something that is more correct but makes less sense to us.
This is why I do not think people believe in Plato’s theory of Forms today. We want to feel like we know the undeniable truth about everything but we also know we do not and mostly likely will not. So, when we are learning something it is more important to us that it makes the most sense at the time than if it is truly a fact. Like in the Medieval ages science would believe in what Aristotle said over what they were observing because it made more since for the big picture of the world that Aristotle was right over what they were saying (Week

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