Henry A. Murray Personology Essay

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Henry A. Murray: Personology

Personology is the science of people. It is used to interpret and organize the lives of humans. The central ideas of the science must be to "understanding of what we mean by the concept "person," and for development of methods of understanding the lives of persons as the "long unit for psychology"" (Barresi & Juckes 1988 pg 1). It is important to take accounts when studying personology from first person perspective instead of a third person perspective. Henry A. Murray believed that personality psychology had to deal with the life course of person and came up with the word "personology" (Barresi & Juckes 1988). He developed the phrase because he felt that personality psychology was an "unwieldy" phrase.
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Herman Melville is known for being the author of Moby Dick, Pierre, and Bartleby the Scrivener. In the articles Murray wrote he discuss Melville life during the time of his works and central problems that were in Melville's conscious and unconscious mind. When Melville wrote Moby Dick, Murray wrote that Melville was writing at a time when he felt most disillusioned by the world and he projected his resentment and anger through his book Moby Dick. In the book Pierre Melville is giving more of a reflection and a semiautobiographical account leading up to him writing Moby Dick. Melville destroyed the novel Bartleby and Scrivener because it came to close to revealing Melville's private emotional life and it almost pushed him to insanity. So when writing Bartleby and Scrivener he portrayed a safer character. Murray's most incisive and original article on Melville would have to be his fourth. Murray correlates Melville's life history and the growth of his self-understanding to Melville's works of grief, self pity, inward and outward aggression, guilt, depression, egression, desertion, affectlessness or death to the world. During this study Murray is struggling with the development of a new analysis to "where actual emotions in micro sequence and in macrosequence in an individual's life are exhibited and related to universal human experience"(Barresi & Juckes 1988).
The Core characteristics of Murray's Personology have to

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