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Henry Knox, who was he? Well, Henry Knox was born in Boston, Massachusetts to William Knox and Mary Campbell Knox in seventeen-fifty. Though Knox was born in Boston, his parents are pioneers from North Ireland. Henry had nine siblings, and was the seventh of the ten. William, was a shipmaster, carrying trade upon the Western Indies. William died when he was at the age of fifty, because of financial issues and mental stress. Because of this, Henry dropped out of school to support his mother. He worked at a bookstore in Boston, and opened one himself, after a while. Knox was a very avid reader, very fond of history, but after a while, his main interest soon became artillery.

Because Knox supported the American cause, and joined the Boston Grenadier Crops in 1775. He volunteered at the Battle of Bunker Hill in June 1775, serving under General Ward, the person in charge of the colonials around Boston. When Washington and Knox met in Boston, they forged an everlasting friendship. Because of Knox’s know how with cannons, Washington assigned Knox to be in charge of the raid for cannons in Ticonderoga. These cannons were used for capturing Boston.
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Because of this Howe withdrew his troops, and on March 17, he moved his troops to Halifax. After the capture of Boston, Knox helped the increase in defenses for Connecticut and Rhode Island, to prepare for the return of Great Britain. Once Henry Knox finished with the increase in defenses, he join up with George Washington's army in New York. The British returned to New York, with 30,000 men, whereas The American forces had 18,000 men, which all had very little experience. Out of these 18,000 men, Knox had 520 officers and soldiers to handle his 120 cannons, all with little experience. Because they were outnumbered, they were forced to

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