Henry Kan Kah Case Study

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Main objective of the study by Henry Kan Kah is to examine the predicaments of the African continent in the world and how these predicaments are destroying the political economy of the people of Africa. The paper also examines the salience of Kwame Nkrumah’s call for the United States of Africa and how this call remains relevant today in the continents search for a place in global interdependence and interconnectedness.
Kwame Nkrumah was president of Ghana in 1957 but overthrown by coupe de tat in 1966. His major preoccupation was for Africa to take its own hands (west). To show his commitment to the union government of Africa, he declared on the day of Ghana’s independence, the country’s independence would only make sense if all African states
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As long as African leaders and policy makers look entirely towards west for solution to the woes, the continent will remain backward, divided and exploited by the North (Europe and America) (Ayittey, 1992) Recognition that the north has been unfair to Africa is clear indication that the continent will continue to have problems of it looks at the same north for solutions to its problems. In the economic domain; Africa is increasingly dependent on the global market and international Financial Institutions. Foreign Aid into Africa, much of it is for consumption rather than capital investment. The external debt of Africa is on the rise. The economic picture of Africa is far from healthy. US and EU policy discriminates against interest of African primary producers. The greatest economic weakness of Africa is that it produces only marginal share of the world output. One of the recent problems of Africa is importation of cheap products from china to Africa. To sum it all up, the poor showing of Africa in the global economy is as a result of the ongoing process of globalization (Larson and Fold, 2008). Ke-Zerbo (2007) argues that Africa is in crisis. The author goes on to talk of United Africa and its reality presently. He says a lot of damage has been done …show more content…
Liberation from colonial masters should have been a new beginning for African states and its people. However, that has not been the case due to Neo- Colonialism. African states are not independent and still look up to their colonial masters for help rather than seek help from fellow African states. I agree with the Author on some of the remarks made by him. The relations she has with other more powerful states like US, Brazil, japan and powerful European nations, is an unhealthy relationship. Their aim is to exploit African natural resources and deplete them. Take the case of Nigerian who are endowed with oil. Firms come to explore and extract oil from the country. In return the country gets little. This is explained by the poverty levels in Nigeria. This is unfair trading practices. All Kwame Nkrumah predicted, complete destruction of Africa, is turning out to be true. I totally agree because it is evident in the way African economy is weak and fragile. China comes in the picture talking of development in Africa but reality is they are supporting autocratic regimes with an aim of sapping the continent of its remaining oil wells. Africa states according to Henry Kam Kah are seated back and relaxed instead of fighting exploitation by the north. By the North he means Europe and America, the south is reference to

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