Henry Ford 's Health System Essay

1319 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, is a level one trauma center that is recognized for clinical excellence in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, transplants, and treatment for cancer (Henry, 2016). Henry Ford Health Systems has over 23,000 employees, and is the fifth largest employer in the Metro-Detroit area, and is also one of the most diverse health systems (Henry, 2016). A major component at Henry Ford Hospital is the Wellness and Prevention Program. Wellness and Prevention programs are used to reward employees for changing health-related behaviors, and for improving measurable health outcomes (Horwitz, Kelly, DiNardo, 2013). Henry Ford Hospital offers Health and Wellness programs as educational sessions the workplace offers employees to improve their health (Henry, 2016). The hospital website (2016) states that participants can learn specific wellness techniques and solutions from Henry Ford experts. In addition to offering these programs for employees, Henry Ford Health System also offers wellness programs to the community. Henry Ford Health System targets several components, and offers a plethora of wellness programs. The marketing strategies of the Wellness and Prevention programs at Henry Ford Hospital will be assessed, as well as any limitations the approach has. Additionally, suggestions for improving the wellness and prevention marking program will be included. Henry Ford Health System offers a plethora of Wellness and Prevention programs to both employees of the…

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